main topics of the conference

With the main message of Open Source development for Mobile Internet and Multimedia, Bossa is divided in three main tracks: Plaftorm, Applications and Open C.

Plaftorm track will cover:

  • Maemo (D-BUS, Hildon, LibOSSO, Kernel Linux)
  • Connectivity (Bluetooth, WiFi, WiMAX)
  • VoIP (Tapioca, Telepathy, Farsight)
  • Multimedia (GStreamer, Helix)
  • Development (SDK, Python, PyS60)

Applications will be about:

  • Application development for mobile devices
  • Multimedia (Canola, Media players, tools)
  • Web (Mozilla / Minimo)
  • Games

Open C

  • Introduction to Open C: Development, tools and documentation
  • Porting OSS components to OpenC/S60
  • Hints and tips